when I grow up

Stilen jeg skrev p engelsk tentamen fjortende april.
Bruk google translaterom du ikke forstr.

Try asking a little girl what she wants to be when she grows up. Without doubt, 98% would answer a princess. They will then tell you about their expectations and dreams. About the longest hair, the most exquisite dresses and all the amazing unicorns. Not to mention the undeniable handsome prince, and all the chocolate and cupcakes those are (oh) so delectable.

At that age, I would be the 2 % left, that'd answer something else. I remember wanting to be a lawyer. Either it was because I knew how much they earn, or that I've watched a TV-show where lawyers were the ones that saved the day.

My grandfather once asked me what I wanted to be when I grw up. I told him, and he shook his head denoted that he disapproved. He then whispered: You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

They say you're never too old to have rainbow dreams, and I, at the age of fifteen and ten months, have just recently discovered mine. When I grow up, I want to become a princess.

Next year is at last the time for me to move onward to the sixth form college. I'm not convinced of why, but my first course selection was general subjects. Every so often, I really do question why I didn't choose something else. However, I do have three potential conclusions in mind. Firstly, there is no doubt that was the choice my parents would want me to make.Secondly, there is about 50 meters from my house and the college. And thirdly, there is no subject that teaches you how to become a princess.

General subjects are like the course for people who are unconvinced of want they want to do later on in life (or the ones that didn't fit in anywhere else). We could compare it to a temporarily stop, as we go on and try to figure out our destination. Yet, it's the course that opens most doors for our future. Optimistically, it might open my door to the castle.


My brain is really looking forward to next year. I will finally take one more step on my princess-stairway. It will be marvelous to meet new people, as well as getting closer to the ones I previously know.

Getting more time to study the subjects I really like, and less on the ones that don't really matter. Then if I somehow wish to be a foreign princess, I could at all times choose international baccalaurean in the second year, which has no P.E. classes. Two birds with one stone!

On the other hand, my heart is dreadful. Some of my closest friends won't be taking the same classes as me, as they chose another course. They are over their rainbow dreams, and are heading towards the realistic ones. I won't be able to see them as frequently as before, and new people will enter our lives. In both positive and negative ways, we will change. There's so many what if in my head, which I can't clarify. Asking someone else about those questions is out of question. It's most likely because I'm the only one whose answer I accept.

Then again, more efforts will have to be put in my upcoming schoolwork. I'm not certain what the standards might be, but it's to be expected it will more complicated than what I'm used to. Now that is areally unfortunate, since I've never liked school less than what I do right now. All I've been doing in class lately is to wait for my prince to pick me up on his white horse.

However, life goes on, and the sixth form college will also come to an end. Once more, I'll have to make a new choice. Three years have passed, yet no prince has come to pick me up. Reality will then hit me. There's no prince, no castle and absolutely no unicorns. What do I do now?


It might be like I'm facing the dilemma of either buy the last slice of blueberry cheesecake or the strawberry one. I might end up using too much time making up my mind, that in the end someone bought them both. Therefore, I'll just aim, shoot and hit. What's the worst thing that could happen? There's already no castle, no unicorns, no exquisite dresses and no delectable chocolates and cupcakes. Since no prince came to pick me up on his white horse, I'll just move to Denmark and buy myself a mocking bird.

My own all-white apartment, overflowing with the aroma of old books, coffee and newly washed hair. From my huge windows, I'll be able to envy the magnificent streets as I observe oblivious people stressing by. Relaxingly, I'll smile to myself, and take another sip of my chai tea.

I'll be driving around on my vintage bike, take Polaroid pictures, eat vegetarian food and play on my ukulele. In the morning I'll be studying psychology, in the evening I'll be social or creative, and at night I'll go to bed and continue dreaming. Enjoying my youth, that's what I'll be doing.

So when I grow up, I'll... no, wait! In fact, I don't want to grow up.

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Hva vil du bli nr du blir eldre?

27.apr.2011 - En masse ord - Kommentarer 30

bli fotograf :D

liker den bakgrunnen du bruker her p bloggen utrolig godt!!

du blir sikkert en flink fotograf !

Fin blogg :)

bra stil! husker jeg ville bli en prinsesse nr jeg var liten! :')

Hm.. har lenge drmt om bli kirurg in the US :))

Er ikke helt sikker p hva jeg vil bli. Tenkte i frsten at jeg ville bli fotograf, men folk sa det var s vanskelig f jobb innen det. Men har lyst til bli grafisk designer, og heller jobbe med fotografering som en hobby ved siden av :-) Utrolig bra skrevet btw! :-D

er ikke helt sikker p hva jeg vil jeg :p


Jeg elsker den stilen der! Skikkelig drmmende og skikkelig Vivian:D hehe.. Hvis du ikke fr bestemt deg i tide er det alltids plass til en forfatter, f ryktet til Gjvik krabbe litt lengre opp stigen;) du er best du

utrolig bra skrevet :)

Jeg vet ikke hva jeg vil bli enda :)

S uffatelig flink du er skrive ! Helt, Ubeskrivelig !

Frisr, er drmmen min. c:

SV: Huff ja da hper jeg at det ikke er lenge til dere skal pusse opp!:)

Utrolig bra skrevet! :) Jeg tenker ikke lenger p hva jeg vil bli eller noe, for det er s mye jeg har lyst bli! Tar det heller som det kommer og lever livet! :)

s sinnsykt bra skrevet! Hvilken karakter fikk du?

fint skrevet!!:D

veldig bra skrevet! :))

wow! bra skrevet! =)

kjempefint skrevet! :o dyktig ^^

wow, du er jvlig flink i engelsk, og jeg ble helt snn tatt med i stilen din jeg! haha :)

og nr vi gr tilbake til sprsmlet ditt, hva jeg skal bli nr jeg er eldre? 2 ord: ha'kke peiling. OG jeg hater at jeg ikke vet det! men jeg gr for allmen jeg ;)

sv: da er vi 2 as :((((

utrolig bra skrevet ! du er sykt flink til skrive stil, og p engels da!

har egentlig ikke noen bestemte planer nr jeg blir stor, hper jeg blir god innen idrett egentlig :)

Vet ikke :(

Skumleste, har litt drlig tid. OMG S BRA SKRIVET! blir rivd med! D:

kan innrmme at jeg oversatte det, men det var UTROLIG bra innskrevet :-)

Fikk du bra karakter? hvis du fikk karakter. Var i hvert fall veldig bra!!

sv: Ja, MIKA er fantastisk og den sangen er veldig fin :-)


Utrolig bra skrevet! Jeg ble helt satt ut. Du er utroli flink med alle ordene!

vil bli fotograf eller journalist.

drit kult bilder btw

Veldig bra skrevet! :D Jeg vil bli klesdesigner/kjolesyerske eller frisr.. :)

Sykt bra skrevet, skjnner det med drmmer - drmmer meg bort jeg ogs :) Har sykt lyst til bli skuespiller/sanger, men det er en vanskelig drm! :D

Nr jeg var liten ville jeg bare dra p eventyr og vre link i zelda, n som jeg er nesten voksen vet jeg ikke helt. Helst forfatter, men det er ikke s veldig sannsynlig. Kanskje geolog.

Jeg vet ikke enda, og har ikke tenkt til bestemme meg for noe fr det er helt ndvendig...

Du er p min toppliste! :)



Du er s flink til alt du, Vivian.

Misunner deg :) Veldig veldig fin tekst

Jeg vil bli kreativ og elsket nr jeg blir stor.

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